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This is the most ancient dog breeds in the Americas and is the smallest dog breed in the world. The name is derived from the name of the State of Chihuahua, Chihuahua in Mexico, where this breed was discovered in 1850. However, it was reported that the Chinese brought to us by Miexico. And also from the late 19th century who travel brought this breed in Europe.

This breed is the tribal Indians veneration (the pre-Columbian Indian nations). The child you have under 1.3 kg. There are small children that four children were standing neatly in the Palm of man!

Appearance: Petite dog breed has a head of Apple and a short pointed snout. The eye round, large, very dark Ruby color, sometimes with darker. Big ears stands. Chihuahua has a thóp software on top of the skull (also known as “molera”). They are the only breed born with a skull is incomplete. Thóp software will fully according to age, but you need special care in 6 months, they’re born until the skull fully grown.

In General, to review standards, it is not based on the height of this breed, but considering the weight and balance our comprehensive appearance, because the height of the Chihuahua varies more than other dog breeds. They are from 15 to 25cm (u). However, few children to grow in height to the standard 30-14.96. society dog (AKC), they must not weigh more than 2, exceed 7 kg mớt satisfactory, according to the international standard, this breed is ideal in the 1.5 to 3kg.

Chihuahua is the dwarf shark, appearance, longer fuselage height. Tail Usagi, bending over the back or to the side. There are two types of Chihuahua: the long and the short hair fur type. About genetics, both types are all the same breed and often appear together in a litter born. However, many dog clubs in the world to split them into 2 types mentioned above.

Unlike the other breed “long” type Chihuahua long hair does not require pruning and brush the fur. In contrast to what we think, what kind of hair loss less than the long hair short. They have to take from 2 years and older have long fur is fully developed.

According to the AKC standard, “Chihuahua have any color can also be purely one color, although the color or clarity on the body as well as purebred breeds”. This allows a purebred Chihuahua color black, white, or volleyball to spotting the color and color diversity. For example, golden brown sand, chestnut, black, red, cream, chocolate, silver, light blue and black steel, but any color is also accepted.

Nature: dogs Chihuahua is elected you well. They are courageous, extremely vivid, extravagant and boldly, demanding to be cherished. This breed is very enthusiastic, engrossed, loyal and always wanted to stick with democracy, even proved to be jealous.

They love to lick on the host. Calculation of doubt for human do not need dispute, except that our server. When the stranger came home they chipped in every step of a loosely defined, keeping located close to the extent possible.

Some children can be taught, but the majority are smart, learn fast, react well to the training of rational, elegant. This breed can bite the child against breaking them. That’s the way they used sharp teeth to defend. Thus, it is not recommended for young children playing around with this breed (as these small and irritable and angry).

Chihuahua seems not interested in our small-bodied, they are ready to fight with the big animals and the result is more susceptible to … “his injury-filled”.

Chihuahua can be very noisy, require a lot of patience when training them. You need to make is to help this breed adapts to human life from the time they are small, to prevent computer caused our excessively for the dog as well as for strangers.

Chihuahua accept the same breed, but sometimes opposed the other dogs just for them. However, they are thoroughly socialized Chihuahua can be friendly with strangers and other dogs.

Health: food abundance for this breed that can endanger our health, shorten life expectancy and leads to diabetes. Chihuahua should have the care of the veterinary experts of the teeth as well as at birth (due to rising birth have big head should you need expert help dog mother during childbirth).

Chihuahua also tends to suffer genetic deformities, particularly neurological, such as epilepsy and dysfunction of blood flooding (seizure disorders).

They and the other dog breeds, sometimes suffer from Hydrocephalus (Hydrocephalus). It is common to diagnose dog have unusually large head in the next few months we was born to promptly detect this disease, but the other symptoms should also be noted (because “big head” is just a description). Puppy sick Hydrocephalus usually have the platelets speckled in skull rather than have his skull solid, especially as they often sleep iron and do not grow as the brothers own lays with them.

Chihuahua can also get sick “hypoglycemia” or suffer from low blood sugar. They are prone to eye infections due to eye them large and convex, rounded and less by size should they be exposed near the ground. Chihuahua is also prone to run, but this is not the result of health, that is only because they were inciting or stress. Another reason of this situation: small dog breed Chihuahua should have the metabolism higher than the large dog breeds, so our heart beat faster. They are sometimes very edible pods, so you need to provide adequate nutrients for them, but is not recommended for them to eat too dense because Chihuahua vulnerable joints, an inflammation of the lungs, trachea and chronic stalked off longevity.

Due to the short nose should Chihuahua tend to wheeze and snore. Our convex eyes more susceptible to dry the membrane and secondary glaucoma. Prone to slipping later, trouble on nứu teeth, the cold, stress and rheumatism.

Don’t let them lick or eat produce toxins, fertilizers or chocolate.

Childhood dog prone to fractures and stumbled to the accident.

Living conditions: the cold hate Chihuahua. The Frost passed for them is both a great stamina. Warm weather makes them feel more pleasant.

You can feed this type of dog in the House. They are willing to adapt quickly.

Coaching: Chihuahua enjoys a walk. Don’t think that we should not need Petite wide space. If there is a large fenced yard to run jump is very spoiled.

Life expectancy: average about 8-18 years.


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