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How many hours do dogs sleep each day


Dogs are extremely flexible sleepers with the enviable capability to fall asleep almost anywhere. They can also walk up and become alert quickly, no issue how much sleep they got. Dogs seem to sleep on just about any area, but are there dog beds that excellent than others?

Keep reading to get answers to these questions.

How much do dogs sleep?

On average, dogs spend twelve to fourteen hours per day sleeping. Your dogs particular sleep needs may change around that range, depending on the size, age, activity level, breed, and full health:

  • Bigger breeds tend to sleep more than little breeds
  • Puppies can spend up to twenty hours sleeping a day. Growing and learning how to be a dog takes a lot of power.
  • As dogs age into their aged years, they spend more time sleeping since they tire more easily.

Wolves and wild dogs may sleep even more than domesticated dogs.

What does a day in the dog life look like?

Dogs are flexible sleepers. They have no issue adjusting their sleep schedule to their owners needs. If you work a nine to five job, your dog may adapt to spend more of the daytime sleeping, so he can be alert and accessible to play with you when you get home at night. Working dogs like service or police dogs have more power, and can stay alert for longer stretches of time performing their vital duties. Dogs do not sleep strongly as we do.

Working dogs have a lot of everyday jobs that they need to be in mental or physical shape for. These dogs will catch up on their sleep eventually so they can begin the next day fresh, alert and ready to perform their jobs.

Why my dog sleeping too much?

If you note serious changes in the amount of time your dog spends sleeping, or he seems excessively lethargic, it could be indicative a bigger issue. Lethargy is a general symptom of diabetes, Lyme disease, parvovirus, hypothyroidism, and depression in dogs.

If a big upset occurs in the life your dog, such as the death of a dear one or a big move, he may sleep more or less than usual. This is a general response, as dogs find relaxation in routine and a big change affects their emotional wellbeing, but keep an eye if their sleep does not return to general within a sound amount of time.


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