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How many times a day should I walk my dog


The plan of how many walks to take a day is up to you and your best friend. Your pet may favor one longer walk in the evening or morning with free play or another activity when you do not walk. This is generally true of dogs that like to travel, like pointers, hounds, and huskies. Dogs that get bored simply, like herding dogs and some terries, may favor several walks, so that they can get out and view what is going on a couple of times a day. Older dogs and puppies advantage from shorter, more continue walks that do not stress their bones and joints.

Different breeds, different needs

Depending on the kind of dog you have, their workout routine will change. For example, a pitbull will need to exert more power than a little terrier. There are many breeds that were actually bred for hours upon hours of intense physical activity like hounds and herding dogs. These breeds generally have a harder time being cooped up inside and need more time outside exercising. That could mean more continue walks, longer walks, or an extra play session.

How long should I walk my dog?

This will depend on your dogs breed and age.

Very energetic dogs may need an excellent hour of exercise per day. This can be broken into 2 thirty minutes sessions. As a general rule a thirty minute brisk walk in the morning, followed by fine off-leash run in the evening.

For herding/non-working breeds – a decent thirty minute run or walk would be sufficient to keep your pet happy, alongside some daily training sessions.

For little breeds a best play session or short walk, daily, is sufficient to keep them energized and fit.

Care must be taken with older dogs and puppies. A pup should not be over-exercised. Short play and training sessions are suggested for all young dogs.

Mental advantages

Walks are definitely good exercise for your dog and help to keep high power or high-strung dogs happy and manageable. They are amazing source of bonding time, as well. Dogs that get focus and exercise are the happiest dogs. Not only is walking good for the mental and physical health, it is best for yours too. Dog walks permit you to raise your endorphin levels via exercise, offer an often necessary break from screens, and provide you the chance to tie with your best friend. They are an all-around win.


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