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How to choose the right dog bed


Tips When Choosing A Dog Bed

Dogs just like other pets you love deserve the best of comfort when sleeping. This results in a healthier and happier dog. Doing otherwise may affect its posture, cause body aches and reduce its overall performance. There are other factors to note besides ensuring a clean and safe environment for your dog. They include:

  • Budget For Bed: There is always a tendency to overshoot when shopping for items due to choices. Ensure you have a budget planned out before embarking on getting your dog’s bed. Failure to do so may have your love for your dog make you spend beyond what you would desire, giving you regrets later.
  • Size Of Bed: This is an important factor to consider. What is the use of buying a bed that is too small for your dog’s size? To avoid this, measure your dog from nose to tail while it sleeps. This measurement would guide you as you shop. You should also consider if your dog is a puppy still growing, to make a better cost-effective decision, buy a much bigger bed that would still be convenient for it as it grows.
  • Shape Of Bed: This should also be considered for the following reasons; to fit with the location in your house where you desire to place it and to be suitable for your dog’s sleeping style. Dog beds come in different shapes: a nest bed would be great for puppies, a donut bed for dogs who love to curl up and a cave style bed for dogs who love to dig.
  • Bed Material: This is also important as to a large extent, it determines the level of comfort your dog would receive. It would be beneficial to get a well-padded bed so it does not flatten out quickly due to depreciation. Also, consider getting beds that are washed easily. Getting a waterproof dog bed made out of Eco- friendly materials would also be a great decision. If you plan on taking your pet outside at any time, get a bed that is made for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • Bed Durability: You should consider the durability of the dog bed you are about to purchase. As much as you would want the most comfort for your dogs, remember that dogs are prone to chewing and digging. Buy a bed that can withstand these dog tendencies with the least damage. Above all, buy a high-quality bed that would serve better and for a longer period.
  • Age And Health: The age and health of your dog should also be considered. If your dog is aged, suffering from arthritis or have any special need; you should weigh this factor while buying its bed. Some beds are more used for certain conditions like a dog with arthritis would find an orthopedic bed very beneficial.
  • Style of Bed: It would be great to have a dog bed with shape, style, and color that fits into your home’s decor so it does not look out of place.

Deciding to get your dog a dog bed is an amazing step. Follow the above tips to ensure you get it all right for you and your dog!


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