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Reducing aggression in dogs


My own dog is growling at me and has recently snapped at me. How can I fix this?

Okay, first off, my dog is an 8 year old Jack Russel Terrier Mixed with Rat Terrier. Inside dog. We’ve had her since she was about a year old. Well, on a daily basis, I know we should give her walks, but we rarely do, and she is free to eat her dog food in the kitchen whenever she pleases, and people, especially my dad, including me and my mom, feed her people food. Example: Crackers, apple cores, sometimes peanut butter (rarely), small pieces of hot dog, chicken skin, sometimes meat fat (rarely), etc. Very well fed, kinda chubby (not too fat!). My dad gives her treats about a few times each day or every other day of something. Ex. Pig ears, milkbones (at least 3) etc. And she is not completely trained. All she knows is the meaning of going on and off a bed or couch and she can jump or stand on hind legs for a treat. And very importantly, we let her outside for her business and no one watches, but she never goes in the road and comes back to the door, scratching on it to let us know to let her back in. That’s about it.

Also, we let Daisy sleep on the bed, go on couch, etc. And I kiss and hug on her alot, but not too much of course. I give her a bath at least once a month.

Okay, basically, Daisy growls at mostly me if I just pet her or barely touch or kiss her on the head. Even if you just stare at her or get a little close she’ll growl or show her teeth.But she doesn’t growl or show her teeth at me EVERY time. Just most of the time. I mean, she will listen to me if I want her to move to a different spot on the bed or something, or come on the bed and a couple other little things.

Once, I tried giving her a bath just a week ago and she kept on showing her teeth and growling and ended up snapping at me.

She also ends up urinating, etc on the carpet when we are asleep or gone. And when my dad finds out he gets angry and if he sees her in the next hour or so, he’ll beat her a little. But not that much really. And if Daisy just growls at me at I get mad, I’ll slap her on her back or something.

That’s basically it. Can you please help me with any ideas to help fix this problem of my dog to not growl at me or anyone else unless its a stranger or something? I mean please be serious. This is really important. Daisy already snapped at me, and if she tears skin (which she almost did), then my dad will take her to the pound or something and I don’t want that. I LOVE her sooo much I don’t want her to go, but she makes me sad and angry every time she shows her teeth and ignores me like I’m not there and just follows my mom around. She doesn’t listen to me half the time. I love her too much to let her go, even if she probably dislikes me somewhat. PLEASE. Any ideas or changes I can do to at least help something with Daisy’s growling problem.



So the dog lives in a home with no rules, no expectations, and an unlimited supply of foods. Occasionally one of the humans gets his nose in a snit and she gets struck a few times. About once a month another of the humans sticks her in a tub and gets her wet. She shows this human how angry she is to be handled by snarling and snapping. She probably won’t snap at the other human because she never knows what might set him off.
Don’t you have any rules of behavior, chores, requirements for living in the home? Can you go in and out whenever you please, do nothing or watch TV? Never need to wash a dish or vacuum a floor? Would you even feel a part of the family?
1. Feeding. Mealtime comes twice a day and only lasts for 15 minutes. Mealtimes are at the same times every day. Food is a good quality dog kibble with a little warm water. Her bowl is set down in a convenient spot, such as the kitchen floor. It is removed in 15 minutes. She does not get unlimited snacks. This is a dog not a cow. Dogs do not braze or browse all day. A small treat is okay as a reward for a behavior, such as an immediately sit when commanded to Sit.
2. Exercise. A dog does not get proper exercise during trips outside to potty. She should be taking a fast trot around the neighborhood for at least 30 minutes every day. Not only will her health improve but so will her mind. Also, dogs enjoy being with people who do things with them. Any moron can pop a treat into her mouth, cats call those people “staff”. A true owner has a relationship with the dog and does things with her.
3. Training. A dog has more brains than a rug. Why some people don’t believe they are capable of thinking I’ll never understand. A happy dog has something to think about. Obedience training gives her something to think about and something to do that can earn her praise. This also falls under ‘doing something’ with her. Find a trainer by referrals from her vet’s office, pet supply stores, and feed stores. Sign up for obedience classes and attend.
4. House training. Yelling, hitting, or throwing the dog outside after an accident is stupid. The dog learns nothing and the human thinks the dog is dumb or mean or vindictive. Stupid human. The dog should be crated at night or confined to a small room with a baby gate. Put her bed in the room. Every spot where she has ever peed needs to cleaned with a commercial product that removes all traces of urine smell. Vinegar is also known to remove the odor but it may damage the floor so test it first. She will go back to the spots where she can smell urine. When you are gone she can be in the small room behind the baby gate or in an exercise pen. She should not be left alone for more than 5 or 6 hours without a potty break. Have someone come in and let her out. Expecting her to hold it for longer is just cruel.
5. Text. Buy a copy of “Puppies for Dummies”. It has some good information that you can use now, even though she is older. Just adapt it for her age.


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