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Taking care of an akita puppy


Now that you are indeed getting closer and closer to deciding if you should really bring home that Akita Puppy that is so overwhelmingly adorable, there are just some things that you should go over with in order to fully say that you have purchased your dog legitimately and legally.

Nowadays, there are some stores that sell smuggled animals and you do not want for the animal police to come knocking at your door. Especially for these foreign blooded animals. Better safe than jailed right?

Upon purchase of the Akita puppy, you are supposed to receive the following papers:

1. Official Receipt of the purchase
2. Vaccination Certificate — if they took care of this, it should be signed by the Vet.
3. Diet Sheet
4. Wormed Dates – This shows the details and date
5. Copy of the Pedigree and Kennel Club Certificate
6. Insurance – If you bought from a breeder, they offer this. It would be advised for you to take the short term for the least.

Now that that Akita puppy is finally going home to you and your family, you have to remember to prepare a draught-free place for to sleep and rest. Help the little one adjust life without his mother and litter mates since this may also cause stress on the puppy.

Follow the same diet the breeder has started since these puppies may not like the abrupt change to their lifestyle. Supposing he has hard to find diet, well, it best to always keep in touch with the store you had the purchase or the breeder in charge. Since they grow rapidly in the first few months, good food is definitely the most important thing. You see, Akita Inus react badly to severe abrupt changes especially on home settings and their diets that is why you have to make sure you are giving him the closest you could find that can replicate the environment he got accustomed to.

Akita puppies have a hard time adjusting to new environments; technically, everyone does since you have to feel your way in a place. Do not worry since these dogs, once they mature, can easily conform to the new way of living that you have imposed. The need for playing and running is very important for the living conditions of these Akitas.

Your puppy should have a little patch of greens for himself. Considering you have a big and spacious lawn, make time to make a puppy only place so he can treat it as his own turf. You see, Akitas are quite territorial and they would want to have a place of their own. It is like defining his rank in your pack.

Always remember that Akitas have thick coats so they can feel stuffed and irritable in very small spaces. If you do live in an apartment, regular exercise could solve the stuffiness feeling of your Akita. Otherwise, you might just find your puppy in front of the air conditioner or even inside your refrigerator.

Now that the time has come for you to gladly welcome the latest addition to your family, finding the sleeping quarters for this bundle of fur can be quite difficult at first. Even though they are known to be adaptable to different living conditions, they need to feel at home first. It is quite obvious that they have spent their days in another place so it might take them a few days to adjust. Don’t worry since they can pretty much abide to the new rules and regulations of your house.

During summer or if you live in a rather humid and hot area, it is advisable to keep your Akita puppy indoor most of the time. This could be a challenge since they are prone to chewing and scratching. You have to safeguard your furniture and try to hide anything breakable for a couple of months until you figure out a way to educate him your rules.

It is a big no-no to allow the puppy to sleep in your room for a few days so he can adjust. These Akita puppies are bred to really be strong-willed and have a mind of their own. If they see that you just allow them to sleep anywhere, they will think that they are the big boss of the house. You have to draw the line even at the earliest stage.

The best place for him to sleep is in a dog basket or a crate. When you put him to sleep, you have to do it at the same time so he can be conditioned that it has to be sleeping time. Although Akitas are a little wired in a different way; they will definitely follow you around most of the time and sleep when you sleep. There are times when you have to banish him to his quarters since you have important things to do and just can’t have him romp around, he will cry and will only stop if you come and get him.

What you can do is wear an old shirt for at least half a day and when your smell gets attached to it, it would be best to put it in his sleeping quarters. This way he can get accustomed to your scent. This will help if you banish him to his room. There are times when this conditioning helps. The puppy is easily annoyed by commotion and he can just pitter-patter to his place and snuggle up in your old shirt. It is just like giving him his own iPod to calm his nerves down.

This way, you can also teach your puppy to be not too attached to you otherwise, he will be taking most of your waking hours and even follow you to the bathroom when you take a bath. In his crate or dog basket, you could also put a stuffed toy and a plastic chewer so he can nibble on it instead of the leg of your favorite chair.


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