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Should dogs sleep in your bedroom or downstairs?


Where should your dog sleep?

There is no true wrong or right answer. Just like people, dogs are different. Some may feel more relaxed in a crate next to your bed, while others favour to sleep on a blanket in the living room. The top sleeping solutions may change, based on:

  • Lifestyle
  • Age
  • Personality

Let’s have a look at the needs of adult dogs and puppies separately.

Should I permit my dog to sleep in my bed?

Some people will never permit dogs to sleep in their room, while others love to fight with their pup right next to them in bed. And both solutions are perfect. If everybody who uses the bed is safe and relaxed, then that’s perfect:


  • Less likely to be scared by lights from passing vehicles or thunderstorms
  • Less likely to develop separation worry
  • More protection against cold weather
  • Bonding with pet parent and vice versa


  • Your best friend could fall off the bed and injure himself
  • Chances of your pet troubling your sleep
  • Your pet could bring zoonotic parasites/diseases into the bedroom (Hygiene)

So why do some choose for their dog to sleep downstairs?

Possible reasons why your pet sleeps downstairs are that he/she is used to being there, he/she finds it more comfortable,

There are actually a big number of possible reasons why your dog does it and it could be a mixture of reasons. Anyway, there are a number of things you can consider when trying to figure out the right reason.

It is used to sleeping there

The reason why your pet favors to sleep downstairs could be that it is used to sleeping there and it is unsure of what it might be like to sleep upstairs. This would be mainly likely if it has forever slept downstairs.

It finds it more relax

The cause could be that it finds it more relax downstairs at night. This would be more likely it has a more area downstairs, if it gets warm in your room and it is chill downstairs or if it has a bed downstairs.

Your bed is not relax for it

If you want it to sleep with you, it could be the case that your room is not comfortable for it. The bed room might be too warm or there might not be enough space.


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